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box & logo design


HOW it works


choose the service you need

provide us with your brand name and nieche


choose the service you need

provide us with product info and brand name

(dimensions & weight, box type and informational text and logos for the box)

Recieve your stunning logo

Recieve your stunning box design

(Quick 3D render, PNG, AI)

You can find more questions and answers at the bottom of the page


If you have a special request or anything you're wondering about, please feel free to contact us so we can work something out together!



"When I was looking for a way to take my product design to the next level, I found PicBooster to be extremely helpful! Everything from brand colors, brand mission, text and logo aligned with my vision for our product, and when I first saw the finished design I was blown away with the amount of thought and detail that was put into this design.
I’m glad I worked with PicBooster on our design and I’m confident I will come back in the future! Thank you!"


"PicBooster provided excellent service when I needed to create a box design for my product. Not only did they provide me with a design ahead of schedule, but went above and beyond my expectations in terms of quality and customer service. Their box design package has allowed me to take my product to the next level. I am so satisfied with their work that I have already gone ahead and purchased their photography package as well. Their staff is incredibly responsive and effective in their communication. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to create a premium product page."



professional logo package

2 Beautiful logos

Explanational Text to The Design

PNG, PDF and AI Format

Created by Professional Graphic Designers

Logo Designed to Stand Out in the Crowd

Logo Created to Boost Sales

100 % Money Back Guarantee

Two Feedback Rounds

269€      $306 
169€    $192

professional box design

A Beautiful Box Designed to Fit Your Product

Designed for Functionality and Sales Boost

PNG, PDF and AI Format

Bonus 3D Render Images from all Angles

Designed to Stand Out in the Crowd

Includes measurement to send to suppliers

Two Feedback Rounds

100 % Money Back Guarantee

387€      $439 
287€    $326

If you have any questions or a special request please feel free to contact us to work something out together and give you a separate quotation.



Q: How long will it take before I receive my Logo or box design?

A: We usually have your design ready in five workdays after we received your info and logo depending on how busy our schedule is. 

Q: Im not really satisfied with my design, can I have them modified?

A: You have the right to ask for changes two times after you received your design, If you still feel like you can't use your photos you will get a full refund.

Q: What info do i need to send you if i want a nice box design? 

A: You will need to send us your brand name,  product dimensions & weight, link to excisting product if there is one, box type, informational text and logos for the box.

Q: What info do i need to send you if i want a beautiful logo?

A: You will only need to send us your brand name and nieche.